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What our partners say

The Beginning Of A Journey To Excellence

A journey of excellence started two years back was well steered by Adhyayan Quality Standard. It helped us to delve deeply and gave an insight into what we are & set our targets higher.

Umesh Harbola

Great Exposure And Shared Experiences

Adhyayan leaders' webinar was a great session. Lots of exposure to new online tools. Also shared experiences reinforce what we are doing right & where we can improve.

Bilwa Kulkarni - Poddar

A New Realisation

As an assessor, I realised that a school is not just about teaching and learning but it covers all aspects of the development of a child with the involvement of every stakeholder of the school. This will help me to have a deeper study about the ways to improve the practices in a  school so as to help in the holistic development of a child

Debashree Sahu

Increased Engagement and Collaboration in Classrooms

We can see a positive change in our teaching and learning process and we are also excited to follow more and more collaborative methods. Our backbenchers were also seen to be active.


Including different Stakeholders for Improvement

Thank you for having us on the review team. During the first review in 2017, we were asked to show several documents that we maintained for the school. At that time we couldn't understand the purpose of it but today after being a part of the review team. I understood the importance of documentation and its role in the improvement of the school.

Non - Teaching staff member

Empowering Educators

After attending the Adhyayan workshop on ‘Displays for Learning’, I facilitated the same workshop for 25 teachers in my own school. Students as well as teachers were interested to learn the ways of displays. It was very motivating for me. I felt quite confident in facilitating the workshop. Now l have started thinking of various methods of display.

Shini Simon

Improved Teaching Methods

I am very happy with the way my child is learning in school. He is enjoying and singing songs and wants to share all details with me at home. Teaching methods have improved.


A New Confidence Derived After The Comprehensive Session

I was aware of classroom observations but was not very sure about the procedure, the criteria, and the things I needed to check out while on observation. Now I am quite confident about it as the session was very comprehensive and helpful.


Moving towards Quality and Excellence

We feel proud and privileged to be a part of the process of Adhayayan school review. With this support, we feel confident about striking out the weak areas and moving forward towards quality and excellence in teaching and learning. Excited to start!

Father K. L. James

Consistency, Focus and Enjoyment

I liked that there was consistency in the sessions and focused on skill-building. I enjoyed learning group roles, sign language, time management, self-assessment.




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