“To question well is to teach well.  In the skilful use of the question, more than anything else, lies the fine art of teaching” – Charles Degarmo (1911). Questions stimulate thinking and discussions in the classroom. Asking questions is a way of engaging with students to keep their attention and enable participation. With this as the objective, the management at LAHS felt the need for a workshop on training their secondary teachers on how to formulate and ask effective questions in the classroom. The 2 day experiential workshop on ‘The Art of Questioning ‘ was hands-on , minds-on and stimulating thusRead More
  The leadership at Eklavya School, Hyderabad identified a need for professional development for their teachers in the area of creating safe, secure and considerate classrooms, displays for learning and using collaborative learning strategies in the class.   The 5 days of intensive training session with a duration of a total of 10 hours with additional 7 hours of asynchronous work demanded a lot from the teachers. Before the sessions began teachers had made a list of areas they would want to explore. One of the critical one being class management. The workshop commenced with teachers experiencing the process ofRead More
I’m Deepa Shetty, Principal of Bright Riders School Dubai. This is my 25th year in the field of education. The journey, though seemingly lengthy, has been full of learning and joyful moments and memories. Looking back, I realize that I have been lucky to have experienced all facets of school from a teacher across levels, to a curriculum developer, moving on to being a Vice Principal and then finally a Principal. In all these years, there have been moments when I felt it would have been a good idea to take a step back and reflect on my practices and tasks. The need for anRead More
MATUNGA-MUMBAI, NOVEMBER 10, 2012 :  The times they are a-changing…so goes an old song.  Technology has evolved – and is evolving – and so is education.  A reluctant step forward, you are not in sync; a false step, you lose the race; and, a missed step, you have lost it altogether.  The growing demands for excellence, accountability and consistency necessitated an audit from an external agency in the four Salesian schools of Mumbai:  Don Bosco, Matunga, St. Joseph’s, Wadala, Dominic Savio, Andheri and Don Bosco, Borivili. A chance meeting with the team leading Adhyayan Quality Education Services set in motionRead More
The face and view of education is constantly changing due to research and development and hence encourages educators and students to embrace new techniques and innovation to discover better approachesto solving problems. This leads to using varied instructional practices and it prompts students to use creative and cognitive thinking to analyse solutions to complex problems. Children must engage, grow and innovate not just with their curriculum but also with each other and the world around them. The classroom culture must cater to invite creative thinking, questions and also failure in order to grow and learn. Teachers must adapt different strategiesRead More

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