What is Adhyayan?


Adhyayan Quality Education Services Pvt. Ltd. was started by school leaders and education consultants Kavita Anand and Spokey Wheeler, as a social enterprise to work with school leaders who are interested in creating 21st-century learning environments for every student.

Adhyayan works along with school leaders to embed a data-driven, quality assurance system that involves all stakeholders in the education ecosystem and targeted programmes in order to improve the quality of leadership and learning in schools and other educational spaces.

“Adhyayan” means studying (a text) so deeply, that the student is transformed in the process. 

Adhyayan believes that working in collaboration with leaders and owners of schools on stakeholder-inclusive self-review is a way of embedding reflective practice. The review against a framework provides evidence of “where you are” and provides a route for your “next best step” as a school, a leader and a teacher. 

While every school and its network are different, Adhyayan works with generic standards that are achievable by the smallest and remotest school as well as the one situated in the middle of a metro city and resourcing may be in the circle of concern for a school, the standards focus on the circle of influence that the leadership and governance can exercise. 

Therefore, any school in any circumstance can continuously improve to the best of its ability, and improve its impact on its students’ engagement, growth and achievement.


A Good school for Every child


Helping 1,00,000 school leaders transform learning and lives of students by 2025.


Our beliefs

  • Every child deserves a good quality education
  • Multiple stakeholder involvement enables alignment of ‘What Good Looks Like’
  • Self-transformation leads to school-transformation
  • Continuous review guides sustained quality improvement
  • Creating rich professional learning communities (PLN) drives school development across the country


Our Approach

We strongly believe in the idea of convergence defined as the following: 

1. Building a shared vision across all stakeholders:

2. Leveraging existing players:

3. Creating professional learning communities:

4. Democratising data

Meet our team – The Inspirators

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Lead Assessors

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Contact Us

Phone – 9773187331

Email – info@adhyayan.asia

Address – Adhyayan, A-17, 1st Floor, Royal Industrial Estate, Sewree Wadala Cross Road, Wadala West, Mumbai – 400 031, Maharashtra, India