Rationale for COVID Response


When the pandemic led to school closure, we found only a few of our partner schools were quick to move online. The majority were in a difficult place, hoping that this too would pass.

Adhyayan is fortunate to have the goodwill of so many educators. We have pulled as many as possible together, to offer their capacity-building programmes to any learner who would like to know more and do better. (click here to learn more)

We began our support with leaders webinars, co-creating a framework with the schools we knew were successfully online. The Online and Distance teaching-learning diagnostic became the framework that supported our partner schools to assess where they were and what they would need to learn next. This was done through webinars for senior and middle leaders and owners of schools. Schools have also used it to do a deep dive into fixing their systems and identifying their professional development needs. (click here to learn more)

It soon became apparent that leaders needed support to get their teachers trained on online tools and platforms and planning synchronous and asynchronous activities for learning. This led to Tech4Teachers courses. (click here to learn more)

It also became apparent that leaders and teachers needed curated resources. In collaboration with India ASCD, we curated the Lockdown Learning Repository for teachers, parents and students. (click here to learn more)

Parents also needed more information on keeping their children safe online. They also needed to ensure appropriate stimulation for their preschool children. (click here to learn more)