Our Collaborations

Adhyayan is a research partner with Emory University, Atlanta on Evaluating the Effectiveness of Social, Emotional, and Ethical Learning (SEE Learning®) in schools in India, supported by Max India Foundation. Under this research partnership we are supporting research at 2 sites; Akanksha schools (in Mumbai and Pune) and Kshamtalay schools (in Udaipur; Rajasthan). https://seelearningindia.com/

Samitha is a non-governmental organisation that works in the development sector, working towards creating impact at scale. They found our vision of creating 'a good school for every child' aligned perfectly with their goal while they were working with the management of six schools in a tribal belt of Gujarat, that falls under an extremely remote area, leading to issues of access – both physical as well as socio-economic. Samhita’s mission is to transform these schools. Before which they required a baseline assessment data to understand where each of the schools were to begin their improvement journeys. They connected with us in 2022 as Adhyayan’s methodology, tools, findings and framework are designed in a way that it helps schools to review, plan and implement collaboratively to reach their desired goal.