A Good School for Every Learner

Wherever learning takes place is a school. Learning could take place under a tree, in a classroom or online. Learning could be for children, adolescents or adults. 

Learners learn best when they are independently and collaboratively engaged in their learning.




A person of any age who has a question to which they are seeking an answer either alone or in collaboration with others. We consider all children between 0-7 as learners. Post 7 years, we consider as learners, all those who express the intention to learn, engage in the learning and identify their new learning.



We define learning as a change in state. The learner accesses information, practices skills and develops perspectives that they did not already possess that creates a change in them.



We define collaboration as agency by two or more learners in co-creating   the enquiry and the processing of the process and findings.



Engagement is the product of agency. To be viscerally involved, leading one's own learning and actively enquiring is evidence of a learner who is engaged in learning.



We define independently as agency - the learner actively engages in creating knowledge. The learner enquires, actively embraces experiences, experiments and processes the information, experience, process and observations of results.


"Humans are the only creatures which put young ones into boxes and teach them what there is outside"

- Kavita Anand, Director,  Adhyayan


Watch Kavita talk about 'Education without boxes'