“I would encourage educators to take this golden opportunity and renew and reinvent your instructional practices through these workshops.” – Anu Pazhayannur

The face and view of education is constantly changing due to research and development and hence encourages educators and students to embrace new techniques and innovation to discover better approachesto solving problems. This leads to using varied instructional practices and it prompts students to use creative and cognitive thinking to analyse solutions to complex problems. Children must engage, grow and innovate not just with their curriculum but also with each other and the world around them. The classroom culture must cater to invite creative thinking, questions and also failure in order to grow and learn. Teachers must
adapt different strategies and should be flexible to create a positive classroom culture to create opportunities for students to connect with the content, their peers, the environment and themselves.

Workshops are a great way to engage with fellow educators, share instructional practices and learn from experienced members in the field. The 10 different topics that Adyayan had curated were topics that I have been reading about but was eager to implement in the classroom. The workshops were more practical, hands on and gave a lot of understanding on how to go about implementing strategies in the real classroom. The engagement and exercises during the workshop pushed us to participate actively throughout the 90 minutes. Something I really appreciate about Adhyayan is their commitment to time and content!!

The outcome for me personally from these workshops were to focus on practical application in the classroom and to be able to share the knowledge with my colleagues at school. I have had a very diverse classroom this year in LKG which includes children with special needs, children who have not attended any formal school due to the pandemic, and a couple of children who were performing above basic standards.
This prompted me to implement a number of techniques of differentiated instruction in the classroom to engage the students and manage the diverse set of students. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Education and these workshops were a great sounding board for me as they included many topics that I am currently studying. I have also taken a few topics from the workshops attended and some material from my current educational degree to create some PD presentations for my peers and colleagues at school that focuses on creating “Equitable Classrooms”. In my point of view ‘Knowledge’ is to be shared and the more we share we learn and grow as individuals.

The panorama of education is changing and evolving constantly. It is a necessity and
moral responsibility for educators to revisit and rethink approaches to teaching and learning. We are living in an era where the needs of learners are constantly varying. As, learning is an
ongoing process, teaching methods and practices need reinvention and innovation over time.
When we collectively conceive a clear idea of our objective, the experience leads to flexible
paths that adapt creative approaches to instruction.

This prompted me to attend the workshops organized by Adhyayan. I would encourage educators to take this golden opportunity and renew and reinvent your instructional practices through these workshops.


Anu Pazhayannur
First Five Nursery School


Thanks Adhyayan and the wonderful team for an enriching learning experience!!

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