Panelists Dr. Sarabjot Singh Anand HOST Ms. Jayshree Iyer Artificial intelligence[AI] at the school level is quite important as per NEP2020 and it is widely used in daily life like the Aarogya Setu app, Alexa, face recognition as phone passwords etc. As Adhyayan addresses relevant education-related issues that may interest educators, today’s topic was also chosen to bring information and some food for thought for the intellectual minds who chose to attend such meaningful discourses on Saturday afternoons. Introducing the guest, Jayshree informed all present that Dr Sarabjot Singh Anand has been involved in the field of machine learning sinceRead More
Entitlement of Teachers to Professional Development- Part 3  Moderator:   Nita Luthria Row – Resource person for workshop for Adhyayan,  panelist for many sessions, PYP and Junior school head in Bombay International school. Panelists: Reena Singh – Alumnus of Loreto College, Ex-Principal GD Goenka Rajnagar, Kolkata, Master trainer CBSE schools in Rajasthan, Principal Khaitan School, NOIDA Thomas Remigius – School leader with 22 years experience at senior management in schools in Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka Host: Jayshree Iyer The session took off with Jayshree briefly summarizing the takeaway from the last two sessions that were on the professional development journeyRead More
    Panelists Parveen Shaikh- Principal Somaiya school, Mumbai Ranjana Gupta-CPD in charge of Don Bosco School, Mumbai, Trainer on different aspects of CPD associated with Adhyayan. Host  Jayshree Iyer Before COVID 19 only 3% of schools had a teacher in charge for continuous professional development of teachers while in 19% of schools this job has to be taken up by the principal only. The rest of them have no one responsible for them. Jayshree began the session unraveling these facts about Indian schools unknown to most of us.  Does it raise questions like whether  CPD was taken seriously byRead More
Part 1  – Entitlement to professional development Date July 31st, 2021 Panelists Sai Sudha Narayanan –Headmistress of the secondary section in Little Angel’s High School, Mumbai Sneha Singh Shetty – Maths and Science educator in Little Angel’s High School, Mumbai Kavita Dhumale – English educator in Little Angel’s High School, Mumbai Host Jayshree Iyer  The session started with Jayshree welcoming some members- who have been associated with Adhyayan COP and have been active participants voluntarily- by appreciating their contribution towards this platform. As the topic chosen was relevant to the needs of educators today, a large number of them attendedRead More
A school leadership and the self-motivated faculty with the value of global citizenship that has the child at the center produces individuals who become confident even before they leave the school. For social-emotional learning to become a reality in the classroom, it is the teachers who need to believe in it first; intervention, collaboration, and communication among themselves by devising classroom strategies, making it consciously part of each lesson plan. With these ideas projected by Mr. Roshan Gandhi, CEO of City Montessori School, Lucknow, in the fortnightly session anchored this time by the Executive Director and Founder- Adhyayan Quality EducationRead More

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