Adhyayan’s CoP – The 2 Part Webinar Series of Artificial Intelligence – 25th Sept 2021

Second part 25th Sept 2021  – The Teaching & Learning of Artificial Intelligence – Through the lens of students and educators.

In continuation to the First part 11th Sep 2021What is Artificial Intelligence? Why is it so important? 

Time: 4:30pm-6:00pm
Kavya Majumdar, Student learning coding at  ’Coding and More’
Manika Jhaveri, Student learning coding at  ’Coding and More’
Ishita, Educator at ’Coding and More’
Tanvi, Educator at ’Coding and More’
Supriya Bhuwalka, CEO of ’Coding and More’

Host Ms. Jayshree Iyer 

Jayshree briefly summarized the previous session with Dr Sarabjot Singh on what is artificial intelligence, what does it do and what is it not capable of doing. Today’s session was about how is it impacting our daily life and how to develop the essential skills required by students from middle school onward in coding and AI as per the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education.

She introduced us to a bright-eyed and vivacious Tanvi who tested the awareness level of the audience as to what all around us is controlled by AI and how they are making things work better than before. She also introduced some of the projects made by students like ‘Nudge’ by Kavya, ‘Book of Books’ by Manika at ‘Coding and More’ where she is mentoring them. These young students showcased their passion projects with such confidence and clarity that the chatbox reflected delightful appreciation for them and their educators all through. Truly amazed to see so much talent in one frame!

Ishita talked about the need to raise awareness about AI and educate children from the junior level through the senior K-12 level to be future-ready. 

Talking about ethics, she stressed the role of educators to inculcate them in the students while making them realise the power of AI. She further added to make them mindful of personal biases, data privacy, cyber -safety and so on.

Even for educators and elders, suitable courses at various institutes are available. Tools of educators depend upon the specific challenges faced by them but caution against the missing human element. Some of the tools introduced were Google translate, Turnitin, Duolingo, Grammarly, omoguru, iNaturalist, photomath and their classroom application.

Both these young educators found their previous knowledge on the subject supplemented by the constant certification courses, keeping themselves updated to stay afloat in the constantly evolving field of knowledge. This is some food for thought for all educators who need to update on their skills to prepare global citizens in their classrooms.

From the discussion among the audience, it came out that the exposure received by the child from family, school and society, in general, inspires the children to forge ahead in new fields like AI. 

Finally, Supriya Bhuwalka shared her philosophy behind starting the institute to develop a holistic personality of children. She feels that children should be made to think logically right from a young age. Her research on how to use AI to realize the goals mentioned in NEP2020 made her take up this endeavour.  It is very important for educators to be passionate about a subject to be able to transfer the same among their students. It is the experiences given to students by the elders that make them enjoy the subjects, develop social skills like empathy apart from cognitive skills. It was an insightful as well as a  delightful session…..truly inspiring for us all!

Click here to watch the full session

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