Deepa Shetty on leading a school review at the Platinum Jubilee school, Gadchiroli, as an Adhyayan Assessor

I’m Deepa Shetty, Principal of Bright Riders School Dubai. This is my 25th year in the field of education. The journey, though seemingly lengthy, has been full of learning and joyful moments and memories. Looking back, I realize that I have been lucky to have experienced all facets of school from a teacher across levels, to a curriculum developer, moving on to being a Vice Principal and then finally a Principal. In all these years, there have been moments when I felt it would have been a good idea to take a step back and reflect on my practices and tasks. The need for an objective diagnosis was never completely fulfilled till I came across the Adhyayan School Review program. 

Having gone through the Adhyayan School Review for one of the schools I headed and being a part of reviews for other schools as Associate and Lead Assessor, I have gone through their entire school review process closely. One of the key learnings has been the impact of the Adhyayan school review on the school improvement action plan and the clarity it gives all stakeholders of the school regarding where the school is ‘now’ and to plan for where it needs to ‘go’.
As a part of the Adhyayan Assessors team, I personally have grown as an educator simply because I started envisaging school as a holistic environment with a 360-degree approach. It is an excellent platform to learn and share best practices across schools and grow together. School leaders and teachers should join the Adhyayan assessor team to gain perspective on the different challenges faced by other schools and their effortless attempts to overcome the constraints to provide a better environment for their students and teachers. School management should take a step back to reflect on their long-term vision for the school by conducting Adhyayan whole school reviews. All in all the takeaways from the entire Adhyayan community far outweigh any other considerations 



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